Discipline in Education: Some less frequently explored issues (Print copy)

Discipline in Education: Some less frequently explored issues (Print copy)

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Open access book available at https://books.aosis.co.za/index.php/ob/catalog/book/204

Volume Editor: Johan Botha
Publication date: 2021

This book addresses a perennial challenge to the success of the South African education system, namely, discipline. This volume steers the interrogation of discipline in a new direction, reflecting on ways in which recent research can benefit South African schools. This includes the need for alternative discipline that will enhance education. The scholarly contribution lies in its in-depth exploration of the relevance of research findings to South African schools and to the twenty-first-century socio-political environment. For the first time, scholarly interrogation of the issue of learner discipline in South African schools draws on indigenous knowledge systems. Its post-colonial and decolonial perspectives offer an ethical and moral compass for behaviour.... Read more

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